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Some Things Never Fade was born from the desire to offer a different way of shopping for vintage designer fashion, compared to what we had seen in the second hand market, with a curated selection of timeless pieces that look current no matter how old they are

Hi! My name is Laia and I have been into fashion and personal style for as long as I can remember

I founded Some Things Never Fade in 2018 after I decided to shut down my womenswear label. Just like any other Fashion Design graduate, having my own brand had been my lifelong dream, but the world had changed so fast and the fashion industry had grown so much in the previous years that making new clothes no longer made sense to me

I have been shopping and selling secondhand clothes since I was a teenager, not only I found it was the best way to find unique clothes to express myself through my style but as a young student it was the best option to find quality items for a fraction of their price and resell them whenever I needed some extra cash, and that eventually led me to where I am now

What I look for when I select pieces for the shop:

  • Quality

    A well made garment will elevate your look and its high quality finishes will make it last a lifetime if you take good care of it

  • Timeless

    We only select styles that won't go (or haven't gone) out of style so you’ll be able to wear forever and they won't end up in landfill

  • Versatile

    The key to making the most out of your closet is having a few key items that go with everything and work for every occasion

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