5 Black forever basics

5 Black forever basics

With the Fall-Winter season, I start wearing darker colors again, including black, the darkest of them all. Black is undoubtedly timeless, and don't we love to have a timeless wardrobe here at Some Things Never Fade?

Many new Pre-Loved Designer items are up at the shop and you should check them out! But here's a selection of pieces I wanted to highlight because they're basics that look good with everything and that are always great things to have.

Not to mention the quality of these... Trust me when I say: if you want to buy anything like this brand new, you won't find it anywhere! The quality of clothes has gone down so much in the last decade and clothes don't last as long. Let's take a look...

Givenchy black blazer - 115€

Moschino black sleeveless dress - 80€

Versace wool vest - 30€

D&G elastic shirt - 50€

Gucci pockets skirt - 120€

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