I am just a girl with a passion for fashion

Born and based in Spain. I’ve been shopping and selling secondhand clothes for ½ my life.

Whether it was to find rare pieces from Japanese brands during my alternative teenage years

or to gain some money getting rid of the clothes I didn’t use anymore as a young student.

The thrill of finding the perfect piece is something I can’t live without,

so I hope I can provide you with that kind of feeling with Some Things Never Fade.


My journey in fashion has had it all. It started with my love for creating pieces of my own,

I learnt how to sew when I was still a teenager and, for years, dreamt of studying fashion design.

That dream quickly became my reality and, after graduating, I created my own womenswear label,

which I eventually had to close. I have worked as a fashion stylist and image consultant, but I created Sthsneverfade as my personal space to focus on the side of fashion I am more passionate about...

Just like I don’t like throwing away food that can still be eaten,

I’d rather not throw away clothes that can still be used


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